All the old Catholic Register articles are now up!

Check out the widget to the right… all the articles I have written (except for a few missing here and there.. if you have them, I’d love to get a copy) are in  It is a bit cumbersom to scan through but the first 2 digits represent the year.  For example, 03 means 2003.  I put the artists from the article in the filename to help with the search for articles.

Some of these interviews are especially meaningful for me so here are links directly to those articles:
1. Interview with Steve Taylor
2. Rich Mullin’s last ever interview
3. Phil Keaggy article
4. Kathy Troccoli interview
5. Steve Bell interview
6. Ceili Rain interview
7. Scarecrow and Tinmen interview
8. Natalie MacMaster interview
9. Leahy interview
10. Rachael Lampa interview
11. Interview with Brian Volmer of Helix
12. Chris Pagdett interview
13. Janelle
14. Matt Maher interview

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