Boycott Christless Christmas Playlists!

I cannot believe it.  A local radio station, 103.9 More FM, from London, Ontario in Canada, has switched to a “All Christmas, All the Time”. format.  However, they have pretty much excluded any songs that have direct mention of the reason for the season, Jesus.  Over the course of the past few weeks, it has become clear that this station is trying to eradicate the religious aspects of the holiday season from their playlist.  Think I am exaggerating?  Here is a sample of a recent playlist.  Forty songs and not ONE song that mentions Christ.

Christmas Playlist without Christ

What is worrisome is that this is a trend heard more and more across North America.  Now, this is a free country and if this station and Corus Entertainment, the monster conglomerate that controls these stations, wants to eliminate Christ from Christmas, they are free to do that.    However, Christians are also free to boycott these stations.  We need to take a stand or else we will soon find ourselves with a sanitized secular C—tmas on the airwaves.  Just like a local mall that tried to remove a Nativity Scene that had traditionally been a part of their holiday display, public pressure can force change.

How can you help?  Check out the playlists of your local radio stations (most have them on their websites).  Send an email to any such radio station and their owners, expressing your displeasure.  Spread this message by sending to anyone who loves the real reason for Christmas.  If you are in any store during the holidays that is playing Christless Christmas radio stations, ask the store to change the station, or you will shop elsewhere.

It is time to drawn a line in the snow.  There is nothing wrong with Santa, Rudolph and Frosty.  However, in my opinion, removing my Saviour from this Christian celebration should get you a lump of coal, a red nose and a very cold shoulder.


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