This is David Wang from the band Critical Mass, a successful indie Canadian Christian rock band from Canada (two time winners of the Best Rock Album honours from the Canadian Gospel Music Association). We performed for a million youth at WYD2002 in Toronto. Our website is at http://www.CatholicRock.com and is closely associated with this blog. I was also the music columnist for the Catholic Register for over 15 years, covering and interviewing some of the biggest names in Christian music. I have a special emphasis on Catholic artists.

This column will continue the vision of the Catholic Register column. This is an incredible exciting change in that, by taking the column online, I can enhance the content without the restrictions of print media . I will provide links to websites and videos so that you can truly experience the best in Christian music.

I am also a university professor, a father of 9 and an avid soccer player & coach. I have been an entrepreneur and love to chat about virtually any topic.

Welcome to my blog I hope you will return regularly and check this out!


One response to “About

  1. Hello, David! Congratulations on the new site! Look forward to reading more as you post in the weeks/months to come. Just to give you the heads up… a couple weeks ago Mark went into the studio to cut the beds for his next (much over-due) album, due to be released early 2012. We’re very excited about it, really strong songs and a bit of a new sound for him. I’ll keep you posted when it comes time to release!


    ps) Not sure if it’s just a glitch at my end, but there’s no link on the right to your Critical Mass site…

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